Open since 1998, Field of Dogs is the only fenced dog park in San Rafael. It is ¾ acre and fenced with 4’ high chain link. There is a small, separate section in back for dogs that need it, but you have to pass through the main section of the park to get to the separate section.

There are benches and wood picnic tables (some of them beneath a canopy), trees and bushes, and mowed weeds, including foxtails, unfortunately. At this time, we cannot afford to remove the foxtails or add lawn, or to replace/refurbish the old, wood picnic tables that give you splinters. See Donate.

There are two faucets with water bowls and a short hose. There is a bathroom for humans less than half a block away in Lagoon Park. The garbage receptacle near the gate and the poop bags attached to it are provided by Marin County Parks, with our gratitude. More poop bags are hanging on the fence around the park.

Field of Dogs is not a County or City park. Other than the garbage can, it is funded and operated by an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization. See Donate and Volunteer.